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Premier Roth Conversion



Our flagship consulting service is our Roth Conversion Optimization planning engagement. We like to call what we do, Rothology™. 

We’ve demonstrated why the paradigms of the financial industry limit most IRA Millionaires from achieving millions of dollars of avoided taxation.

When you are accepted into our family of clients, we clearly promise to show you how to save at least $500,000 in taxes during your lifetime and for your heirs – or we write you a check to refund 100% of the fee paid to develop the optimal game plan.

Each client has the option to extend for a longer term holistic planning relationship.

Legacy Conversion



Many of the clients we work only learned about the benefits of Roth conversions recently and are at an age where the real net benefits will accrue primarily to their heirs.

This service is for the 75+ crowd. If at least one of the household is age 75 or older, we provide a highly discounted fee for this service.

The objective is to find the Roth conversion strategy that helps the clients as much as possible, but focuses on the optimal conversion plan to ensure that the heirs aren’t saddled with millions of taxes as they inherit IRA assets.

Comprehensive Financial Planning​

Our firm and our advisors never earn anything more than the fees we charge to deliver ‘pure’ fiduciary advice. By doing business this way, you’ll know that YOU are at the center of our business world.

We call this “fid-YOU-ciary” Planning.

If you choose an aluminum siding company to design your custom house, what type of exterior products do you think will be included in that design? They will likely provide ’some’ design at no charge, or a small charge. Why would they do that? The answer is obvious: they want you to buy aluminum siding.

Many of us have areas of our financial life that keep us awake at night. When you want a coordinated financial game plan that focuses on solving these problems you don’t want to be sold anything. Can you see how a ‘free’ plan may not provide the best result for YOU.

It’s simply the nature of sales. You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘If the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem seems to be a nail….’


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