Paul L

Numbers tell the story and Brian my advisor worked with me to create the best outcome. This process could be daunting without the plan. The plan (after fine tuning) created a clear path forward. I will be sharing this knowledge with friends that could also benefit from Q3 advisors. Thank You


Stephen P

Derrick DeHays is a gifted financial planner who carefully listened to us and to our financial circumstances, and his evaluation and recommendations were extremely helpful. Derrick is also very personable and engaging.


Blaise S

Taylor was really good explaining everything taking extra time to question my many questions and running other variations than were similar but might have worked better for our particular situation. I had my own model which was pretty good but mine did not take it to the next level as Q3 does. ex – net worth and heir taxes. Taylor was as able to meet with me at times that was convenient to me.


James G

Q3 Advisors provided me a ton of useful information. Took the time to walk me through all of their data and analysis (which was specifically customed to my situation), and all the pros and cons associated with converting my tax-deferred IRA to a Roth IRA.


Mark B

Working with Daniel to iterate on a conversion plan was easy and convenient. He came up with a plan that optimized our end game that was well beyond something that I could have done with my myriad spreadsheets. We’ve already started implementing the plan and look forward to working with Q3 over the next few years to see it through to its conclusion.


Jon H

Great service. Personalized plans covering RMD and tax minimization strategies, delivered by a true, unbiased fiduciary.


Rich H

4 years of Roth Conversions are done (70%), and 2 years (30%) to go. I’m on track per your numbers; it’s so close it is scary. I am glad that I used your services and highly recommend them to others. In 22 months, I will have an essentially Tax Free Retirement, No RMDs to track, manage, or pay taxes on, and my stock appreciation and trade gains will all be tax-free. Wahoooo!


Glen B

Daniel provided an in-depth analysis of scenarios and how much I could save in taxes by doing the Roth conversions. He has a great approach and personality that made the process easy to follow, and I was confident in following his advice. Thank you, Daniel!


Frank L

The service was well worth it and is definitely something everyone needs to know how to do.


Richard G

I am a planner by nature. I planned for my retirement years so that I could be sure to maximize both my time and my investments. The distribution phase of retirement is so critical that you must do it right or face the possibility of significant financial surprises. Q3 Advisors helped me to see the next 20-30 years with a lot more clarity which has enabled me to make educated decisions now.


Kerry P

Since 2020 I have been converting some of my IRA to a Roth IRA to reduce the future tax impact on our children when they inherit my IRA. I had been trying to figure out the optimum amount to convert each year to minimize our total tax liability while maximizing our net worth. When I discovered Craig Wear’s Q3 Advisors strategy for achieving a tax-free future, I found the validation that I was looking for and one element that I had overlooked. I also discovered that to achieve my strategy, the tax brackets no longer mattered. That was a real eye opener.


Tim S

Will open your eyes to the benefits of conversion with in depth analysis of your specific financial situation.


Douglas W

Started my conversion Dec. 2020 as per recommendation. Using the 35% charts…I will finish converting this Dec. 2023. Because of market changes I will be saving a lot more in taxes than originally estimated. Very happy at this whole experience.


Dennis H

I am very pleased with the Roth conversion that Sean came up with. He gave me several scenarios to look at and decide which was best for my needs. He knew a lot about what was going on in Washington and the new tax laws that Washington was talking about. Was very knowledgeable about using his software to change my scenarios to help me plan my future.


Andrew D

Incisive input, comprehensive analysis, responsive communication. Eye-opening, frank advice on avoiding retirement tax traps. I feel smarter, better prepared, and yes, more than a little scared.


Bill B

I had done some reading on IRA conversions started doing it on my own. However, I was only converting an amount to the top of my existing tax bracket. My reluctance to pay more upfront almost cost me millions of dollars. Thankfully my advisor at Craig Wear laid it out in such detail that it convinced me to get it done.


Mike A

I contacted Craig in late 2020 after my CPA suggested I could benefit from converting to a Roth. Sure, this info is available elsewhere, but there are many things to consider that most people will not know. Craig worked with me to develop the best plan fitting my circumstances and demonstrated the remarkable savings I could achieve. The software he used was excellent and laid out various options and suggestions. But, more importantly was the personal interaction Craig provided and his experience which enabled him to ask me the right questions which I would never had thought of asking. The end result was a ‘Rothology’ plan to achieve the maximum savings without impacting my planned future cashflow. I completed the last step of implementation in early 2023 and all the numbers are falling into place exactly as were outlined in the plan. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to Craig and his ‘Rothology’ system and am 100% satisfied with the outcome.


Matthew M

I used the financial planning /services from Craig Wear and his team and am very happy with the plans and results provided. I am still in the process of converting my pre-tax dollars in my traditional IRA’s to Roth IRA’s as outlined in my planning sessions and documents by Craig Wear and his Team. My overall expectation is that this plan will provide me and my wife with a better financial outcome in the coming years. The overall planning process was very simple and easy to execute on from the customer perspective and would recommend it to anyone thinking of utilizing this planning activity.


Steve A

Craig offered eye-opening information that was presented clearly and concisely. While all the “conventional wisdom” was pointing one way, Craig’s analysis clearly showed it was wrong. His straightforward plan will pay for itself a zillion times over in the tax savings generated.


Ken K

We consulted with Craig Wear in 2020. I have to say, it has changed our life! We had followed our traditional financial advisors advice and fully funded our 401k plan and a defined benefit plan for years! I had no idea of the tax liability that was waiting for me! My first estimated RMD payment was close to a hundred thousand! Craig showed us how it would only get worse each year. We started our plan of Roth conversions and I am happy to report that when I hit that first RMD it was less than forty thousand and with our current trajectory of conversions will be Zero in a few more years. We are very pleased that he could put us on the right track to a more predictable and secure retirement.


Bob W

Combining a lifetime of experience as a financial advisor and carefully developed proprietary software, Craig Wear puts together all of the extremely complicated moving parts of issues related to Roth conversions.  There is way more to decisions about Roth conversions than I could integrate and understand on my own.  Craig helped me to understand how the parts fit together and gave VERY specific recommendations about what to do. I now have a much better understanding both of how to think about these issues and exactly what to do ….and just as importantly, what NOT to do.