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Absolutely! In fact, we take our responsibility in that role as far as we know how. We don’t sell any financial products, nor do we manage investment portfolios. We’ve found that those activities, while still allowed by the regulators, provide too much incentive to give slanted advice.

We want you at the center of our advice; we like to refer to our role as being a ‘fid-YOU-ciary’.

We like to think that we are not a typical know-it-all financial type, but that’s probably not our most endearing differentiation. Roth conversion and comprehensive financial planning are the only things we do. We eat, breathe and sleep ‘strategy’. 

We serve one financial master; you. We don’t earn ongoing fees, whether your portfolio is up or down; nor do insurance companies pay us commissions to send business to them.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to scan seven years of tax returns and send us all of your brokerage statements since 1993. We don’t need that level of specificity – except under very extreme situations. 

While our analysis dives really deep, we just need to know the amounts in your various accounts, your income sources, annual expenses, and a few other pertinent pieces of info to make sure we can make your game plans customized and personalized for you.

Most new clients know the answers to 80% of the questions off the top of their head.

My how times have changed…all of our team work remotely from their homes or work-share spaces that make them the most productive. Each of our team works really hard and bears a ton of responsibility to our clients. We want to make sure they have the latitude to relax and give the best possible outcome to each of our clients. 

We don’t have a magic box and haven’t developed special algorithms as is sometimes surmised in our social media feed. We offer different advice for the same reason why a heart surgeon would offer different advice from your trusted family doctor.

The heart surgeon has chosen to specialize in that field and therefore has seen a lot more situations that lead him/her to offer different advice. When you specialize in one field you have the luxury of really studying it and having a ton of experience finding creative solutions.

Nope. No way, don’t want to.

Craig did that for more than thirty years; and most of our team have been on that side of the industry in the past. But each of us have chosen this field because we ‘love’ planning and strategy. We have all gotten soured by the industry measuring our success by the amount of money we could ‘gather’. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. We really need great investment advisors, but it’s not our bag.