Comprehensive Financial Planning

How do you receive truly objective financial advice?

By working with a firm that doesn’t earn commissions or ongoing portfolio fees.

Q3 Advisors helps you become crystal clear on your goals, recognize any short term blindspots, focus on the future, and develop a customized game plan.

A great game plan puts all the pieces of your financial puzzle in focus and makes it simple to implement.

We are fee-only fiduciary financial planning consultants which means we:

What are the pieces of your puzzle that may keep you up at night?

Retirement Questions

Investment Strategy & Performance


Saving for College

Insurance Needs (or excess)

Estate Planning

Or other issues…

Our Services

Cash Flow/ Tax & Retirement Advice

Offer a comprehensive plan and expert guidance to help clients efficiently achieve their goals.

Investment Analysis

Assess clients’ investment strategies in relation to their goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, and offer tailored recommendations.

Risk Management

Assess insurance needs, such as coverage amount, type, and duration, in alignment with the client’s goals.

Estate Planning Counsel/Design

Help clients, executors, or trustees make estate planning decisions and collaborate with your attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out after your passing.

Our Planning Services:

The fees for these services vary, but are broken down into two elements:

Client Setup Fee:

  • This initiates your analysis and integrates you into our system.
  • This fee currently ranges from $4,000 to $6,000
  • Clients who have already been through our Roth Conversion services recently, and whose situations have not dramatically changed since, will likely have this fee waved.

Monthly Planning Fee:

  • Once an analysis is complete, you begin working with your advisor on the issues that are the most significant
  • You’ll have a quarterly schedule that details the areas you’ll work on based on what’s most important to you, and those that the advisor knows are also the issues that are the most crucial for you to tackle.
  • Fees for planning services range from $250 per month to $2,000+ per month. Fees are paid in arrears on a monthly basis.

What’s in it for you?


Am I on the right track?

Idea Creation

What should I do differently?


Who will be my unbiased advocate for the future?

Legacy Proponent

Who will my spouse and heirs turn to?

Income, Expense & Tax Planning

Essential Essential+ Signature Signature+ Elite
Debt Reduction Strategy
College Expense Planning
Company Retirement Plan Participation
Cash Flow Projections
Retirement Projections
Income Tax Planning
Charitable Giving Strategy
Social Security Strategy
Pension Decision Assistance
Retirement Income Planning
Timing of Retirement Date
Inheritance, Business Sale, etc Issues Minimal Medium Medium Significant
Corporate Compensation Evaluation Minimal Average Average Significant
Selection of Small Business Retirement Plans Start-up Established Established Well Established
Healthcare Planning - Pre Medicare Minimal Average Average Average

Investments Analysis

Our role is to provide guidance – and ideas – that are not just the typical ‘institutional’ investment mantra.

Essential Essential+ Signature Signature+ Elite
Asset class allocation
Specific advice for current employment retirement plan only Once
Specific advice for multiple retirement accounts 1 - 2 Accounts 1 - 2 Accounts 2+ Large Accounts 2+ Large Accounts
Specific advice for multiple retirement and taxable accounts 1 - 2 Accounts 2+ Accounts 2+ Large Accounts 2+ Large Accounts
Guidance on variable annuities One 2+ 2+

Insurance Evaluation Services

Although, we never sell insurance products, we can easily provide objective input regarding your true needs.

Essential Essential+ Signature Signature+ Elite
General advice on types and amounts of life insurance
Specific advice on types and amounts of life insurance
Disability, and long-term care advice
Specific advice on existing life insurance policies
Long-term care cash flow analysis

Estate Plan Assistance

We like to get our clients ‘ready’ for the estate planning attorney conversation. We are not attorneys but we can help lay out a basic blueprint that is coordinated with the rest of your total plan. 

Essential Essential+ Signature Signature+ Elite
Basic estate planning advice
Estate design
Review of existing documents
Charitable estate planning
Estate settlement advice
Irrevocable trusts evaluation

Ongoing Support

A great plan is never finished. Most clients continue to engage our services for regular review meetings and to answer questions as they arise or life circumstances change.

Our low monthly fee pricing model after the first year of working together ensures that you’re never ‘on the clock’ and provides a great value to make sure you are always on the best path to achieve your goals.

Can you benefit from comprehensive planning?