Married - Ages 72 & 68

Bob & Susan

‘Bob and Susan’ in most ways are the typical IRA Millionaires that we work with. They saved well, accumulating around $1.5 million in IRA assets, and they maintain a pretty modest lifestyle. So the RMDs that were just about to begin, were going to pose a really big income tax problem for them. ‘Bob’ was also interested in making sure that if he were to predecease ‘Susan’, she wouldn’t be left with an even bigger tax burden. As you can see, the optimal strategy turned out to be quite the savings all around.

The Savings

No Conversion Current Tax Bracket Optimal Strategy
Projected RMDs $3,327,732 $1,306,369 $ 81,843
Projected Medicare Premiums $ 493,447 $ 502,525 $ 381,925
Tax Avoidance None $ 716,741 $2,563,550

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