Instant Access - Escaping the 401k Tax Traps

I've identified 7 Tax Traps that obligate you to a lifetime of incomes taxes. You may be subject to taxes of as much as 80% of the value of your accounts! This course puts a spotlight on the reasons for these taxes and provides strategies to help reduce them.

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Short Window of Opportunity

The newest changes in our tax laws have created an unparalleled opportunity to save a lot of money for the rest of your life! I want to teach you the simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce your lifetime taxes.

I’ll show you how to legally pay less income taxes over your lifetime. You may be able to retire earlier, but you’ll certainly have a better lifestyle for years to come when you implement a few simple strategies that allow you to pay less income tax.

But I’ll warn you – you didn’t get into the problem overnight and you won’t get out of it overnight. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that’s going away on its own.

In fact, your window of opportunity may be slammed shut on Dec 31, 2025.

These Proven Solutions:

Are totally within the guidelines established by the Internal Revenue Service

Utilize the tools that Congress has already provided

Don’t require you to buy financial products to get the desired savings

Will save tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands in income taxes

Let me teach you how to do this.

I’ve created an educational course so that I can go even deeper than the book. Let’s face it, not many people want to take the time to read a lengthy book about finance or taxes!

My brand new ‘Escaping the Tax Traps’ educational course will cover the most important things I’ve discovered after working with so many others that had these tax problems.

Special offer: Normally $995.00 - save $500.00 today!!

Price $495.00

What You Will Receive:

Four separate online modules that combine video and audio (15 to 25 minutes each)

A Personal Worksheet to complete during class that will help you evaluate your best course of action

A convenient online login to access the materials at your convenience and pace

No financial products to purchase from me or anyone else

What I hope you’ll learn:

Learn how to implement specific strategies that will reduce your lifetime taxes.

Pay significantly less taxes for the rest of your life

Create tax-free income for retirement

Reduce, or completely eliminate forced taxable distributions in retirement

Make sure that your heirs pay less taxes too.

Your Course Instructor

After a thirty-two year career as an independent financial adviser, I sold my practice and focus my business interest, experiences and efforts toward helping people invest wisely within their company retirement plans and alerting savers of the large tax obligations that are built into their retirement accounts.

Here’s What I Cover:

Part One: What has caused the problem

This class will build a foundation of understanding about why the problems exist and the faulty micro thinking that creates the popular paradigms.

Why this is an urgent issue
Unintended consequence of your 401k
Five factors that created the paradigms
Interactive worksheet you can download for your personal use

Part Two: The Seven Tax Traps

This class will include content, examples, worksheets and activities to help you gather the relevant information about your personal situation. You’ll be able to use this info after you’ve learned the details and mechanics of the third class.

The impact of paying lower taxes
The Tax Traps
Impact on Social Security and Medicare
Impact on medical costs and all retirement spending
Tips, Worksheets and Warnings

Part Three: Three Basic Strategies to Help You Escape

This class is designed to provide you with enough detail to allow you to begin taking action, and provide talking points for your tax preparer or financial advisor.

Specific details of three easy to implement basic strategies
Tips, Worksheets and Warnings to keep you within the boundaries

Part Four: One Advanced Strategy to Help You Escape

Because this ONE can do amazing things to help you reduce your taxes, I’m devoting the entire session to it.

Specifics on a simple but detailed strategy
Tips, Worksheets and Warnings

You’ll be prepared for a conversation with your financial advisor and/or tax experts once you’ve gone through the modules of this course and completed your own personal interactive ‘Strategies’ worksheet.

I’ll teach you what you need to know. Don’t worry, I’m accustomed to teaching clients in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them with financial terms and a ton of spreadsheets.

If the concepts prove out, the hourly wage for your two hours invested will be HUGE!! If I’m able to share strategies that you use, on your own or with your advisor, that reduce your lifetime taxes by just $30,000 we will have both accomplished much.

Special offer: Normally $995.00 - save $500.00 today!!

Price $495.00

Fulfillment Policy: 100% refundable if you purchase the consulting service within ninety days of purchasing this course. Otherwise, no refunds offered on educational materials.